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Tooling Related Services

Looking for a Tooling provider to help you with your tool maintainance, refurbishment, modification and CNC machining needs? Then look no further…

ARRK offers its customers a variety of associated tooling services at various stages of the tool’s life cycle.

Do you have a tooling emergency? Our skilled people are able to respond quickly with a range of tooling services which have been designed to support you.

These services are available to customers whether as a part of a large global tooling order and programme or as an individual service where needed.

Our skilled people are able to provide a range of tooling services.

Tool Maintenance, Refurbishment and Modification Services 

We operate on tools from 1 to 50 tons

Whatever its origin (whether it be a tool produced by ARRK or that you have had produced by another toolmaker) we can support you to maintain, refurbish and modify the following types of tools:

  • Plastic injection  
  • Compression
  • Aluminium injection tools
  • Die casting tools

À la carte services

  • Design of the modifications or repairs according to our customer’s wishes (from feasibility to implementation of the modification…)
  • Machining (CNC milling 2D/3D + EDM)
  • Benchwork, welding, polishing
  • Die spotting press action

Tool Validation & Inspection  : Step 2

If you order production tools from a low cost country and you are looking for a partner to finish the tools, our toolmakers are here to support you with:

  • Tool validation and fine tuning before delivery of the moulds to the production site
  • Modifications
  • Commissioning
  • Support during the production kick-off
  • Project follow-up

Mobile Laser Welding Service

ARRK is able to offer its customers a mobile laser welding service to carry out repairs or to make some tool modifications.
While we predominately carry out laser welding jobs in our workshops we are also able to offer customers the possibility of visiting their site to make any necessary modifications or repairs enabling them to optimise their productivity and reduce valuable production down time.
We pay all due respect to health and safety requirements as applicable to the equipment (PPE, local exhaust ventilation for smokes and fumes…)

Laser welding can be done on the following metals:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Die casting  GS/GL
  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Inox
  • Invar
  • Titanium

Industrial maintenance

ARRK also offers its customers a range of maintenance services such as:

  • Industrial maintenance (dissassembly/assembly of modules, cleaning...)
  • Assembly or set-up of machines
  • Productions of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic modules


Wind Turbine maintenance

Some of our sites have dedicated response teams who are able to carry out maintenance work on wind turbine machines (qualified people with BZE certification, with HT/BT).
As a result of our considerable experience and skills in bench work, our team are well placed to fulfil your very specific maintenance requirements on wind turbines.

CNC machining

As an extension of our tooling services we are also able to offer from our facilities:

  • Milling 2D/3D for many materials e.g. steel PT110 and PT140, aluminum, iron cast, refractory steels, graphite for electrode, soft material...
  • Die sinking EDM
  • 3D control with control report according to customer specification


We are also able to offer customers with in-house training on tooling and injection activity.
The aim is to develop your skills and competences so that you are able to have a better understanding and control of your costs, investment and productivity.

Our team of training experts are always ready to communicate around our knowledge and share competences. We are registered as a training company so, according to the rules of your country, you could be eligible for subsidies.

For further information about any of the above associated tooling services please contact us at: toolingarrkeuropecom