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Rapid, Prototype &
Pre-Series Tooling

Innovative Pre Series & Prototype Tooling Solutions for low volumes

ARRK offers a range of pre-series, prototype & full production tooling solutions to manufacture your low volume parts:

Aluminium moulds for medium size plastic components in production materials. ARRK cooperates with local tool making partners producing parts either at ARRK in Weert, Holland, on our own 600 tons injection moulding machine or at one of our partners.

We support the following moulding technologies:

  • Gas Injection
  • MuCell
  • Standard & 2 Components in Sequence
  • Sequential Valve Gating

Steel moulds for small size plastic components in production materials, including die-casting materials. ARRK cooperates with specialized toolmakers within the ARRK Global Network. High quality prototype tools in steel meeting all your requirements will produce your components in exceptionally short lead times.

We support the following moulding technologies:

  • Standard & 2 components in Sequence
  • Processing of Engineering Plastics
  • Sequential Valve Gating

PRE-TENSION® technology for prototyping large plastic components in production materials. ARRK uses its patented PRE-TENSION Tool technology, utilizing ARRK's existing production facilities in Europe with up to 4000 ton injection moulding machines. Our customers benefit from the ARRK Group production tooling know-how and the opportunity of a complete in-house package.

What is Pre-Tension Tooling?

ARRK own several patented Pre-Tension Tools which are used for low cost injection moulding of large components. Pre-Tension is a system where steel ring frames contain aluminium tool halves (core & cavity) to achieve injection moulding process parameters. It is ideal for injection moulding of big size parts e.g. bumpers, spoilers and instrument panels.

The patented Pre-Tension frame holds a compact and usually simplified aluminium mould including slides and inserts needed for producing products. Forces that occur during injection moulding, and that usually require a large tool, are compensated by the Pre-Tension frame. The compact aluminium mould can be easily switched for that of another product. Parts produced are close to production quality, including standard hidden parting lines for bumpers.


  • Aesthetic (Design) validation.
  • Technical (Process) validation such as assembly and crash testing.
  • Pre-production launching.

Lead time

  • Typical lead time is 8-12 weeks (depending on size and complexity).


  • Low cost and short lead time (versus production mould).
  • Use of original production materials.
  • Injection moulding with (sequential) hot runners.
  • High volume of parts possible.
  • Tool modifications are possible.

Furthermore, ARRK can offer up to 4 different ways to provide tooling for bumper production. The first option, Pre Tension, has been explained above. The 4th option, a full series class A tooling, is often made for OEM’s or Tier 1 customers.

In between these two categories sit 2 additional tooling options developed by ARRK’s Tooling division over the years, to produce bumpers.

The second option, also frame bound with steel core & cavity, will be used by ARRK internally to provide customers with injected bumpers for low volume projects.

The third option is a stand-alone tool which can be run internally as well as externally ( at client ), is suitable for low volume projects and has a cycle time that is only slightly higher than a class A series tool.

Whichever option you choose we are confident we can find a solution that will suit you.

Rapid Tooling Solutions - delivering parts to your door in days

ARRK’s Rapid Tooling service is designed to provide you with quality injection moulded components, in real materials, in the shortest possible timescales, usually within two to four weeks. Our service is designed to put you in pole position to deliver your concept to market.

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This service is ideal for many components such as mobile phones, radio covers, hand-held devices, packaging lids and closures.

Our Rapid Tooling specialists work in partnership with the client to understand their needs. Our specialists then work with our project management team, who in turn liaise with ARRK facilities globally to support tooling and moulding manufacture.

Following the customer’s Request for Quotation, receipt and subsequent acceptance of our offer, our team carry out final design for manufacture and data review analysis. Work then begins on building the tool to meet the specified requirements and standards agreed with the client. Following tool trials and a measurement and inspection process, parts are then shipped to the client for approval. Once approved, additional components are moulded and supplied to the customer.

This service from ARRK is specifically designed to deliver parts in the shortest possible timescales. So, if speed of delivery is what you are looking for, this production process may be exactly what you need.

Key aspects of this service:

  • In the field Tooling Support Team
  • Internal Tooling project management team
  • Weekly updates provided to the customer including regular tool build images
  • Range of plastic injection moulded materials
  • Trial Reports & Inspection Data provided.
  • Parts delivered to your door in 2 to 4 weeks depending on part complexity.


Additional Services available through our Rapid Tooling team:

Rapid Die Cast Tooling in Aluminum & Zinc

ARRK is able to provide clients with a range of small to medium sized Rapid Die Cast parts, in exceptionally short timescales. Heat treatment, plating, powder coating and anodizing is also available.

Also available:

  • MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)
  • Metal Stamping – with Plating Finishing
  • Secondary operations and assembly, such as laser marking, ultra-sonic welding, over moulding, silk screening, soft touch paint, etc.