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Production Tooling

Do you need Production Tooling? If so we can support you every step of the way

ARRK has acquired considerable experience in supporting clients in the Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Consumer Products and Leisure market sectors, to name but a few. This means you can be confident we'll have the expertise to meet even the most challenging of tooling requirements.

As we are part of the worldwide ARRK Corporation, you'll enjoy the benefits of our global tooling design, manufacturing and sourcing.

Wherever you are, you will find an ARRK partner to fulfill your expectations in terms of responsiveness, competitive pricing, lead time, quality and as a value added partner.

Tooling: From start to finish management

We manage the production of your tools thanks to our wide range of internal competences and means:

  • Simulation, thermal and stress analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Tool manufacture in-house up to 50 tons or subcontracting solutions with ARRK follow-up
  • Tool Trials in production conditions with robotic grippers on machines up to 3200 tons
  • Modifications, Inspection, Maintenance
  • Patterns, Gauges, Assembly Jigs and Inspection Fixtures
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We manufacture a wide range of tools

Thanks to our competences, we manufacture according to your needs from small, rapid tools to large tools up to 50 tons (up to automotive bumper sized tools for example) in low, medium and high volumes using a variety of the following technologies:

  • Injection Tooling (in steel or in aluminum)
  • Precision, Multi Cavity, Twin Shot, Over Moulding Capability
  • Blow Moulding Tools
  • SMC/BMC Moulds
  • RTM Moulds
  • Aluminum die casting tools
  • Foundry Tools
  • Pre-Tension ® tooling technology
  • Hot forming tools
  • Filament winding tools
  • Composite tools
  • Composite lay-up (Steel, Aluminum, Invar…)

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Global Production Tooling Capacity

Our strong organisation, our global footprint, our expertise and skills are key factors that allow us to produce around 600 tools per year. Having experts in CAD, CAM, machining, toolmaking and purchasing make our production tools very efficient.

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Quality accreditation

All our production sites have the quality certification ISO 9001 (some also have the certification ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001).


Some examples of the markets we serve

We produce tools for the following markets:

  • Automotive Interior / Exterior Components - e.g. complete bumper sized modules, spoilers, instrument panels, door panels, fenders, tailgates, roofing frames, etc.
  • Aerospace - aircraft nose cones, winglets
  • Transportation – e.g. 2 wheel vehicles, agriculture, constructions machines, etc.
  • Consumer products - e.g. coffee / wine machines, white goods components, containers, etc.
  • Leisure products – e.g.  musical instrument components, toys, etc.
  • Packaging – e.g. pallets, storage boxes, etc.
  • Machinery (Excavation components, forklift parts, industrial housings, etc.
  • As well as components for the Medical and Defence industries.


Contacts Us

Our Key Account Managers will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.
To get in touch please email us at: toolingarrkeuropecom