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At ARRK we’re here to support you with a comprehensive Tooling capability. Whatever your needs we can assist you with Rapid, Prototype & Pre-Series Tooling, Low Volume Tooling or Production Tooling, along with a range of Tooling Support Services. From tool maintenance, refurbishment, modification or calibration we’ve got it covered for you.


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Thanks to our long and established history, ARRK has acquired an extensive tooling capability backed up by a team of people, with a can-do attitude, who have the skills and technical knowledge you can rely on. We can provide you with tools up to 50 tons globally thanks our worldwide footprint. Wherever you are, you will find an ARRK partner ready to fulfill your expectations in term of innovation, responsiveness, price, lead time and quality.

ARRK works with a diverse range of clients from a variety of industry sectors. These include but are not limited to: Automotive, Transportation, Packaging, and Consumer Products.

We’ve built up a considerable track record of supporting clients with our range of rapid tooling services along with our innovative PRE-TENSION® technology concept which allows for large prototyping plastic components to be manufactured in low volumes in production materials.

ARRK is also able to provide you with LOW VOLUME TOOLS AND PRODUCTION TOOLS in different technologies to meet your needs. 

  • Injection Tooling (in steel or in aluminum)
  • Precision, Multi Cavity, Twin Shot, Over Moulding Capability
  • SMC/BMC Moulds
  • RTM Moulds
  • Aluminium die casting tools
  • Pre-tension ® tooling technology
  • Hot forming tools
  • Filament winding tools
  • Composite tools

We are also able to support you with your more specific Tooling requirements, such as:

  • Tool maturation
  • Mobile laser welding service
  • Maintenance and tools modification
  • Industrial maintenance
  • CNC Machining
  • Tooling and Moulding Training.

Do you need any R&D support? Our team are here to bring you the best solutions and innovative concepts to accommodate your technical or timing requirements. We can support you with tool optimization or molding concepts to achieve economic benefits.

For further information please contact us: toolingarrkeuropecom