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Vacuum Castings (PU) Polyurethane Prototyping

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ARRK's vacuum casting prototyping service gives you access to high quality, low volume reproductions of Stereolithography prototypes in a variety of polyurethane resins.

Consumer products

Prototypes that resemble finished products

Your components can be textured, polished and/or coloured according to your exact requirements. Latest additions to the range of finishes include leather-look and wood.

The PU/Polyurethane method provides prototypes which resemble the final product not only in shape, but also in appearance and feel, so providing for visual as well as practical appraisal. In turn, these polyurethane prototypes can prove extremely valuable for early market testing.

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Medical applications 


Full size TV exterior PU casings 

Industries using Polyurethane (PU) or Vacuum Casting Prototypes


Interior and exterior components including front and rear grills, side panels, under bonnet enclosures and centre console fascias, valance, interior & exterior lighting, heads up display units and ducting.

Industrial Goods

Electronic housing, keyboards, handheld devices


Inhalers, surgical bins, outer side monitor panels

Consumer goods

Audio & Televisions, garden power tools and machinery, domestic appliances

Increasing range of resins

An increasing range of material properties are available following the introduction of new resins at ARRK.

Examples include fire retardant prototypes, cast in UL94V0 rated polyurethane, and semi-rigid prototypes which emulate the properties of filled polypropylene. The latter is particularly suited to prototypes of automotive trim and casings for hand tools.

The resins can be coloured to a wide range of shades, and ARRK will match pigments for Pantones, RAL and BS classifications or customer's swatches on request.

And now for added strength…. ARRK is able to enhance components through our PU over moulding capability using reinforced glass fibre matting. 


Automotive - exterior prototype / concept lighting


Automotive - exterior prototype / concept lighting


Large PU Castings 

Vacuum casting of large prototype parts

Recent enhancements at our prototyping centre in Gloucester include the addition of an extendable vacuum casting chamber – allowing us to cast even larger parts.

We can now cast components up to 8Kg in weight and up to 1.7 metres in length – double our previous capacity. This, combined with our capability to cast even larger sized Polyurethane parts from our Barcelona site, offers customers a formidable choice.

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