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Stereolithography - SLA Prototyping

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ARRK's fleet of 18 Stereolithography (SLA) machines and wide range of resins offers clients extensive capacity to ensure quick delivery and parts that are built in a material that fits your needs. A fast turnaround of your models is ensured thanks to our extensive SLA capacity.


3D models / components

This resin based process produces 3D models / components using CAD data supplied by the client.


Our SLA Room in the UK


Our SLA room in France

Extensive SLA capacity ensures rapid prototype turnaround


Watch ARRK’s short Stereolithography 3D Printing Video


We run 18 SLA machines across Europe

10 in the UK (1 x 3D Systems ProX800, 3 x 3D Systems 7000, 3 x 3D Systems 500, and 3 x 3D Systems 350

5 in France (1 x 3D Systems IPro 8000, 2 x ProX800, and 2 x 3D Systems 3500)

2 in Poland (1 x 3D Systems 7000 and 1 x 3D systems 350)

1 in Spain (1 x 3D Systems 500)

This allows us to build parts using the most suitable machine and location(s), if the size of your project requires it.

SLA rapid prototypes are delivered typically within 2-5 days from the supply of customers' design data.

Realistically finished prototypes

Our in house finishing teams offer customers a range of surface finishes, along with a paint and texturing service, so that your prototypes look as real as possible.

Need more than just one or two parts?

Click here to find out more on Vacuum casting & realistically finished prototypes.

Architectural Designs brought to life using our SLA process

Industries using Stereolithography (SLA)


interiors trim panels and component, Interior & exterior lighting, engine manifolds, etc.

Consumer Goods

Domestic appliance components, housings, audio equipment, gardening and power tools


Medical aids and units, hand held devices, medical storage components, etc.

Plus architectural, electronics, aerospace, defence, movie & toy industries

Latest developments in stereolithography resins

At ARRK we keep an ear close to the ground for the latest developments in resins and our experts have selected a range to cover most applications.

What's more, we’re frequently asked by suppliers to beta test resins, allowing us to see some of the new materials that may be coming to the market.

The widest choice of resins around

We currently offer 3 different SLA resins to allow us to help you find the material that best suits your needs.

Some of the resins we currently offer include:

Xtreme Resin

This grey looking material provides excellent durability. It's the toughest SLA material in our range.

Near Water Clear Resin

Durable, strong, water resistant and semi-transparent material. This material is also an ABS simulant type material. Suitable for quickcast prototypes for producing metal castings.

Polypropylene Simulant Resin

Flexible parts with high impact strength. This resin is ideal for snap-fit parts or where impact strength is all important.

More information on our Stereolithography (SLA) Prototyping service

For further information on tolerances, our material range, and their individual properties, please check our relevant technical data sheet.

Examples of SLA models built by ARRK




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