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Selective Laser Sintering Prototyping - SLS

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Our sintering service (SLS) provides tough, rapid, durable prototype components in 2-5 days from acceptance of CAD data. With a range of materials on offer from flexible to enhanced strength, we'll find a material to suit you.

SLS low volume production

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is proving to be increasingly popular with clients, as its potential applications widen. Many clients now use this additive manufacturing process for low volume production of components and as an alternative to traditional production methods which involve the need for tooling.

Various materials used for Selective Laser Sintering components

Using a plastic based powder to produce parts, clients can choose from 5 different materials, each offering its own unique characteristics.

From our standard Glass Filled Nylon through to Duraform PA, which is much whiter in appearance and very popular amongst the architectural community, ARRK can also build components to a variety of sizes by bonding sections together. Examples of this include, full sized supermarket trolleys to large automotive IP’s.

We also offer two specialist materials: EX and HST. Our Ex material offers great flexibility whilst retaining its inner strength. This makes this material perfect for snap fit features like clips and straps. By contrast our HST material provides even greater component strength.

SLS Instrument Panel (IP) Automotive

SLS Architectural Models

Post-production for that finished look

Advances in post-production allow for parts to be painted and textured to provide that finished appearance. Our in-house paint shops can spray your parts to match most looks. What’s more we can now even provide SLS substrate components with a carbon wrap exterior.

See our realistically finished prototypes page for further information on our range of finishing and effects.

Examples of SLS models built by ARRK

Bild 1
Bild 2
Bild 3
Bild 4

ARRK – SLS TPU Elastomer 

This new Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) elastomer material offers exceptional component flexibility and elongation, making it ideal for designers to obtain gaiter type components, gaskets or rubber seals.

Capacity should never be an issue at ARRK

Capacity should never be an issue at ARRK as it runs 10 SLS 3D Systems machines across Europe with 8 at our Gloucester site and 2 in France. Our fleet includes our new sPro140 machine, which allows us to build larger parts in one piece and 3 sPro 60HD-HS machines.  Delivering best-in-class results, these digital machines ensure ARRK remain at the cutting edge of prototyping technology and capability.

More information on Selective Laser Sintering

For further information on tolerances, our range of materials and their individual properties, please check our relevant technical data sheet.

Industries that use Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


Interior and exterior components, including IP’s, bumpers, door panels, air vents, ducting, under bonnet components and centre consoles

Consumer Goods

Domestic appliances, power tools, garden machinery and equipment, audio components


Landscapes, office layouts, model buildings, sculptures, furniture


UAV's, ducting, brackets

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