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3D Scanning

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This service allows physical objects to be optically scanned and converted into 3D CAD data.

Ideal when CAD data is no longer available

3D Scanning has a range of uses and applications and is ideal for clients where the original CAD data has been lost.

A relatively simple process, optical scanning involves the projection of light on to the object, and capture of the reflected light by cameras. Repeat scanning at different angles allows gathered information to be converted into a 3D CAD file, which can be exported in various formats.

What can 3D scanning be used for?

  • Reverse engineering of hand crafted parts, e.g. clay or foam models;
  • Reverse engineering of modified components;
  • Remaking old castings or castings that have been damaged;
  • Inspection of complex surfaces;
  • Inspection of parts that cannot be CMM'd due to the intricate features;
  • Capturing interface data.

The service is flexible and easy to use, with most projects being turned around within one to two days depending on what you are looking to obtain from your scan. Inspection reports, Curve Network and Auto Surface options are also available.

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