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3D Printing - Polyjet Solutions

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In addition to our mainstream SLA or SLS 3D printing capabilities, ARRK’s prototyping division are also able to produce complex, fine detailed parts using our suite of Polyjet printers. We are able to offer a number of materials from our in-house stock with potentially further materials available upon request.

Our printers: 

EDEN 350 - 340mm x 340mm x 200mm

EDEN 350 V - 340mm x 340mm x 200mm 

EDEN 500 V - 490mm x 390mm x 200mm 

CONNEX 3 - 500mm x 400mm x 200mm

These printers allow us to offer clients, from almost any business sector, another prototyping solution. What’s more, our advanced Connex 3 machine allows us to build parts using up to three different materials and colours, bringing an extra dimension to your components.

Polyjet Material Datasheet (pdf)

For further information about this service please contact your nearest prototyping centre or adviser:

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