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Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, or Model making: need to find out more? Then talk to the people who have been in the industry since it started.

The cornerstone of ARRK's success in delivering excellence over the years has been its prototyping service. Our team has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, and utilised some of the latest prototyping technologies around today. With prototyping centres strategically located across Europe, we are ideally placed to provide a comprehensive service that is local to you. 

ARRK Prototyping Centres can be found in France, UK, Spain, Poland and the Far East. Combined with our team of field based technical project advisers and in-house project co-ordinators we not only support most of mainland Europe from these centres but also Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland & Ireland.

ARRK’s prototyping centres fulfil local demand and also work together as a team to share capacity, expertise and material options to ensure we meet our global customers’ requirements, timescales and specialist needs. By working as a team we can collaborate on projects that in some cases maybe more than one site could handle. So, whether you are looking for a specific Stereolithography material offered through our technical centres in France, Poland or the UK , or need the specialist expertise and capability of our team based in Spain to provide exceptionally large vacuum casting bumpers for example, your local prototyping team is your gateway to a truly comprehensive prototyping service.

Prototyping services available from ARRK

Stereolithography (SLA)

Vacuum Castings (PU)

Rapid CNC Machining

Block Modelling

3D Scanning

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Paint, Finishing & Texturing Service

3D Printing

Metal Pressings

Metal Encapsulation & Plating

Simple components to large and complex parts

Our team of project advisers and co-ordinators are involved at every stage – from project costing to final delivery – ensuring a speedy and seamless service. Whatever the scope of your prototyping project – from a single, simple component to multiple, large and complex parts – ARRK is here to help.

All our clients – from individuals to large organisations – are important to us, and we pride ourselves on providing the same high standard of customer service for every project.

Proven prototyping technologies

Employing proven prototyping technologies and processes, we can take your concept or design and bring it to life in just days. With access to a wide range of materials, we have an efficient, fast and effective solution that’s right for you, whether it’s a prototype to test form, fit and function or as a starting point for our downstream processes.

By working closely with clients from a wide range of industry backgrounds we have developed a range of services that truly support our client’s needs.

Contact Us/Request a Quote

To see how our Prototyping Service can help you.

Call our UK prototyping centre:

+44 1452 727 700 or email projectsarrkeuropecom (UK & Nordic Enquiries)

Call our French prototyping centre:

+33 450 681 239 or email lcoarrkeuropecom (FRA, CH & ITA Enquiries)

Call our Spanish prototyping centre:

+34 936 616 001 or email bcnarrkeuropecom (ESP Enquiries)

Call our Polish prototyping centre:

+48 523 200 900 or email rpprojectsarrkeuropecom (POL & DE Enquiries)

Not sure, then email us at projectsarrkeuropecom with a short description and we will pass your enquiry onto the nearest ARRK site for action.