Supply Chain

ARRK are able to offer clients a tailored production volume service for plastics and composites components. In line with our customers’ needs we can provide a detailed capacity scheduling programme and operation, which also includes process and logistics planning to meet your needs.

ARRK production supply chain operation has significant experience in working with clients in the automotive, transportation, medical and packaging markets and their expectations and requirements. What’s more we also work to and are approved to many industry standard procedures and certification bodies, such as, ISO 9001-2008, ISO TS16949-2009.

Plastic Part Production

With a large range of injection moulding machines from 80T up to 3200T equipped with robotic arm grippers, ARRK is able to provide a tailored production service ranging from low to high volume.

Our UK and French plants provide quality manufactured components to schedule, thanks to their extensive capacity:

  • Number of injection moulding machines : 17 machines
  • Total moulding shop area : 3500 m²
  • Total assembly area : 810 m²
  • Total storage area : 2100m² indoor storage – 3500m² outdoor storage

We operate 3 shifts, 7 days a week.

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Our service and the equipment we use has been designed to be flexible so that we can tailor our production operation around your needs.

  • Tool validation and launch support
  • Small to medium series injection moulding
  • Capacity scheduling
  • Manufacture of spare and aftermarket components

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Using ARRK’s procurement service we can also manage the purchase of raw materials, checking fixtures and gauges for our customers.

Finishing (Using our in-house capabilities backed up by our network of established suppliers).

After the parts are manufactured, ARRK can also design and use various assembly methods for product finishing to suit our clients technical specifications:

  • automated methods
  • semi-automatic methods
  • manual process methods

We have significant experience in the following finishing capabilities:

  • Assembly of metallic inserts on the parts (clips, threaded inserts, reinforcements, etc.)
  • Cutting, deburring
  • Applying adhesives, seals
  • Punching
  • Sub-assembly assembling
  • Corona treatment
  • Gluing
  • Electrical devices set-up
  • Over moulding
  • Marking
  • Tempo-printing
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Some additional services that ARRK can source and provide for clients using its own operations or network of established suppliers include: 

  • Chroming
  • Painting (primary, body)
  • Varnishing
  • Texturing

Quality: Product homologation and control

The quality department can support clients throughout the different tests required for product homologation:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Physic-chemical tests: ageing, UV resistance, abrasion, effort, etc.
  • Assembly feasibility tests

ARRK has a fully equipped inspection capability in order to ensure part validation during the development phase as well as for validation once in production using checking fixtures and CMM equipment. 

ARRK also design and build the checking fixtures. This may include the following,

  • GO – NO GO Guage
  • Poka Yoke features
  • Assembly checking which can include clearance, gap and flush analysis
  • ARRK quality department offers fixtures design using traditional steel or aluminium materials or alternatively our innovative wood resin type.

Packaging for Delivery after production

ARRK offers tailored packaging solutions

  • Disposable packaging: Traditional cardboard boxes + pallets (ARRK own manufacturing)
  • Standard reusable solutions: reinforced returnable cardboard boxes, plastic boxes/pallets, metallic mesh pallet boxes...
  • On demand: reusable solutions designed to its customer’s construction and development requirements: metallic racks...
  • Packaging arrangement: thermoformed trays.

Storage and Logistics

ARRK offers both in-house and external storage solutions before delivering on site to the client in line with their delivery schedule

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