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Part / Component Development

The first step ARRK can assist clients with is the development of their component(s) to ensure suitability for low volume production.

ARRK‘s experience in all aspects of the product development process allows us to identify and integrate production solutions at the earliest opportunity of the project. ARRK can advise clients with:

Part Design, Functional Analysis

ARRK can support clients with Part Design services such as:

  • Specifications – e.g. materials, manufacturing process
  • Product analysis for part design optimisation – e.g. function, dimension, aspect, technology and validation
  • Support in technology transfer: cost aspects and quality improvements, functions expansion from stamping to injected plastics.
  • Technical and Cost feasibility

Part Analysis & Optimisation, Calculation & Rheology & Feasibility studies

ARRK can assist in validating the client’s specification, by providing the following studies:

  • filling (rheology)
  • deformation (warping)
  • mechanical resistance (materials resistance)
  • Stress and Strain Finite Element Analysis

Validation plan and mechanical test management

ARRK assists its customer to validate the parts to be launched. If required, and in order to validate the design and style of the part, prototype rapid tools can be produced by ARRK for our customers.

Production Tool Development

During the part development process, injection moulding constraints are taken into account in order to have a part design suitable for tool manufacture and injection moulding. 

The tools that ARRK designs for its clients are manufactured with great precision and accuracy and in accordance with the agreed volumes and production requirements specified by the client.
ARRK provides:

  • Innovative designs (Supported by our Research & Innovation department)
  • A mould manufacturing capability within Europe or from a “low cost” country thanks to ARRK’s worldwide footprint.
  • An ability to manufacture moulds for a wide range of industry sectors from small to very large moulds using various technologies (e.g. injection, compression, bi-compound, over moulding, gas injection...)
  • Competence in simple and complex grippers

Part control and approval

During this development phase, ARRK designs and uses checking fixtures specifically manufactured to meet our clients’ expectations and needs. 

Homologation tests can be offered according to the customers’ needs and the type of parts to be developed and produced.

In-house Packaging Design

As part of the supply chain process, ARRK can even design and develop in-house all logistical packaging and containers for onward transportation. For example, thermoformed layer, steel racks etc.

In-house Finishing, Painting, Chroming, Texturing and Screen Printing capability

ARRK can also provide a range of in-house or outsourced finishing solutions to provide our clients with that very specific look and feel.

At ARRK we also like to analyse, anticipate and provide solutions for our client’s future logistics and supply chain management needs.