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Process Development

At a very early stage, ARRK takes into account the client’s finishing requirements and factors this in to their development process in order to deliver the best solution, for individual parts, or for sub-assemblies.

ARRK has a range of finishing capabilities that can be performed in-house, whilst also possessing a comprehensive network of reliable external partners who have been identified and selected to provide a more unique, specialist finish.

In-house Finishing, Painting, Chroming, Texturing, Screen Printing, Assembly, Bonding and Welding.

ARRK’s in-house finishing operation is able to offer a range of services and surface treatments or post-finish applications, following part production, in accordance with the client’s needs.

These include:

  • Assembly
  • Painting & Texturing
  • Screen Printing
  • Gluing, sticking
  • Marking
  • Tampo-printing
  • Punching

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Outsourcing: Chrome plating, Painting primary, body

Thanks to its approved network of suppliers, ARRK can propose outsourced solutions for the surface treatment or finishing with:

  • Painting (primary, body)
  • Chroming
  • Varnishing
  • Texturing

During this important development phase our quality team play an integral role in supporting designers, project managers and the production department to ensure component quality.

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