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Packaging and Logistics

Before starting production, ARRK always considers the best logistical options in order to deliver the client’s components in the right way, at the right time, to the right place and for the right price.

Packaging development

ARRK can define the type of packaging to be used for part delivery.

Disposable packaging (e.g.: cardboard boxes, foam, bags, pallets…)

Or returnable/re-useable packaging - e.g. : steel racks, thermoformed layers which are developed during the process development phase.

This type of packaging is manufactured following the production of a prototype.

Logistics development

In a second step, ARRK will define and specify the actual delivery process and the volume of parts to be delivered, according to:

  • Frequency of the transport: customer request
  • Truck dimension ( length)
  • Return of empty stillages

Based on the above mentioned information, the Logistic Protocol Project (LPP) will be completed and will be the basis of the serial plastic parts production agreement between ARRK and the customer.

It will be used to set up all the parameters in the MRP (Management Resources Planning) software which will include:

  • Frequency of the deliveries
  • Frequency of production
  • Dimensions of the batch
  • Storage availability

After the part, process and logistics development phases, the production can begin.