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Composite Solutions

From our Composite technical centre in Nuneaton, ARRK are able to offer clients a highly tailored service. Our team have built up considerable expertise supporting clients in the automotive, transportation, defence, aerospace, marine and leisure industries.

We’re more than just a supplier of composites, machined components, RTM, or tooling solutions; we work closely with our client’s right from the outset to understand what they are trying to achieve to advise them on the best route to take and what manufacturing methods to apply.
With large scale Autoclaves and large CNC machines at our disposal combined with our knowledge of materials, processes and business acumen we aim to support you as a long term partner and our global footprint to support your needs.

Composite Solutions

Our composite tooling and component manufacture service is recognised and respected worldwide and has been a big part of the automotive sector for many years supporting major builds and projects to improve vehicle performance, we also have created solutions for Aerospace that have driven innovation by the use of various materials.

We operate under strict total quality management processes in accordance with ISO TS16949/ AS9100 Rev C, and our long standing collaboration with OEM customers with advanced materials supply partners ensures we maintain our leading position in the composites industry.

Composite services at a glance 

  • Composite design
  • FEA
  • Pattern and mould manufacture
  • Tooling plus jigs and features
  • Bespoke offering
  • Composite volume production
  • CFRP (Carbon Fibre Re-inforced Polymer)
  • Bonding and assembly

Advantages of composite manufacturing

Composites provide many advantages including high strength to weight and resistance to corrosion and fatigue. Other benefits are their built-in design features such as high temperature performance, compliance with fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) regulations, supreme toughness and impact resistance. Composites are an attractive alternative to conventional materials and ideal as a low volume production solution for some clients.

Composites in different industries

Consumers are increasingly demanding greater product differentiation and our composites service allows you to meet this need. The market for composite materials in automotive, aerospace, sport and leisure applications has therefore never been stronger.

Various materials and finishes 

With an increasing range of material options, weaves, colours, and finishes on offer from ARRK, the possibilities are extensive for interior platforms accompanied by the exterior styling opportunities.

Bild 1
Bild 2
Bild 3
Bild 4
Bild 5
Bild 6

Water cooled Scholz autoclaves

The two water-cooled Scholz autoclaves have the following specifications:

  • 5m long x 2.1m diameter, temp 200C, pressure 14 bar
  • 2.2m long x 1.8m diameter, temp 175C, pressure 20 bar

Following upgrade full on / and off site system control allowing for real time monitoring and print outs giving full traceability to each part being made.

Full cure traceability that meets the extensive requirements of automotive and aerospace industries.

Composite vehicle solutions

We can offer full size domestic or commercial vehicle builds and assemblies for composite vehicle solutions.

Full tip to tail vehicle interior / exterior / under bonnet components:

A wide range of technical abilities

Our technical abilities cover a wide range of disciplines including: development properties, design of assembly fixtures, individual components or prototype parts. We deploy the very latest composite materials and technologies.

For further information about our composites service please contact us: infoarrkeuropecom