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Low Volume Production

ARRK can support clients with a wide variety of low volume production solutions for plastics, metals, and composites components.

ARRK can support programmes globally using its full line service capability. Alternatively, services can be selected individually according to the client’s project needs. ARRK is here to support you at every stage.

ARRK are able to provide:

  • Part development (design, calculation, feasibility, product analysis, specification, surface treatment…)
  • Process development (e.g. gluing, punching, chroming, painting…)
  • Packaging (logistics support development…)
  • Supply chain (parts production, quality, storage, logistics…)

With injection moulding machines ranging from 80 to 3200 tons we can satisfy most low volume or pre-series production requirements, as well as associated downstream processes such as: Priming and Colour Painting, Chrome plating, Welding, Bonding, Assembly and Etching.

Furthermore, our specialist composite production processes allow us to cater for very specific, tailored markets who require that something extra, as components can be adapted to support special editions for cosmetic, structural and personalised needs.

At ARRK we pride ourselves in offering a range of solutions so that we can find a low volume production process that works best for you.

We serve a wide range of industry sectors from Automotive, Agriculture, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer products, Leisure, Packaging, and Transportation for example.

Our quality teams follow your project at every stage of its development and adhere to strict quality procedures and protocols as governed by many industry standards and certification bodies, such as ISO 9001 and TS 16949.

For more information about our range of low volume production solutions, please contact us: lvparrkeuropecom

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