Optical Systems

The CoC Optical Systems covers all disciplines involved in the creation of optical systems, i.e. optical display systems, lighting systems and image processing. ARRK Engineering accompany the development process from start to finish, assisting first of all with development of the concept and last of all with prototype construction or small series production. Our ARRK Group partners are responsible for prototyping, tool setup and small series production.

Optics and lighting design 

  • Vehicle lighting design according to ECE standard
  • Simulation of lighting systems (non-sequential processes), e.g. backlighting of Imaging optical systems (imaging or sequential processes), e.g. calculation of reflection in head-up displays


  • Digital and analogue electronic assemblies 
  • Control unit and test bench software 
  • Cable harness structures 
  • Prototyping; experimental vehicle and small series production 
  • Control units specifically for prototype commissioning 
  • HiL, MiL, SiL, PiL 
  • Integration of measurement technology into experimental vehicles 
  • Creation of technical development and production documents

Thermal simulation (CFD)

  • Convection (internal free convection, forced convection through valves and openings) 
  • Radiation from the sun and light sources (LED or halogen/xenon/light bulbs) 
  • Conduction through objects 
  • Assessment of cooling concept based on class A surfaces 
  • Assessment of the thermal load from all the components within the assembly 
  • Assessment of the LED system's performance and Adjustment of the LED working point to minimise thermally induced failure 
  • Simulation of evaporation/thawing 
  • Verification of hot spots 


  • Construction of housing units for headlights and other lighting systems
  • Development of plastic inner casing 
  • Development, construction and black panel decorative trim 
  • Ambient lighting
  • Showcar construction
  • Design of interior lighting components

Prototype construction, tool setup and small series production

The ARRK Group combines development with production using companies around the world, who use a broad range of production methods, from 3D printing, SLA/SLS (plastic simulator), CNC (plastic/metal) and vacuum casting (plastic simulator) for rapid prototyping, through to injection moulding using aluminium or steel tools for low volume plastic or composite production.

Head up displays

  • Large network of partners (e.g. Fraunhofer Institute, LMU Munich) and optical technology suppliers 
  • Independent operation and development of a test laboratory for optical systems
  • Project management/ SE team management 
  • Requirements management, quality management 
  • Optical systems, optical simulation
  • Optomechanics (design/ integration/ packaging)
  • Hardware and software
  • Testing and validation
  • HMI and OS specification
  • Metrology and laboratory systems

Automotive Exterior

  • Headlights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Fog lights
  • Dynamic corning lights, hazard light, wing mirror indicators
  • Tail lamps (SBBR type systems), Rear lights, Brake lights, Reversing lights
  • High mounted stop lights
  • Registration plate lighting
  • Side lights
  • Welcome lights (customer-specific)

Automotive interior

  • Roof systems with reading light and orientation light
  • Lighting of footwell, glove compartment and side shelves
  • Styling
  • Search lights for buttons, switches, enclosures and door openers
  • Ambient lighting, matching of light colour and colour temperature to materials used
  • Functional lighting
  • Instrument clusters


  • Simulation: LucidShape, LightTools, ZEMAX, FRED, THESEUS FE, AnsysFluent, FloEFD, StarCCM+, ANSA,HyperMesh, Abaqus Explizit, Ansys, Pamcrash
  • Design: CATIA V5, Pro Engineer