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Electrics & Electronics

Our customers benefit from our wide-ranging experience in the field of electrics & electronics. We offer development services covering every stage of the process from the concept phase through to full validation and integration into the overall system.

We map the entire process chain from system design and development to system integration in accordance with customer-specific structures. This also serves to minimise development cycles and rule out error sources for the system concept.

Based on your specifications, our engineers undertake the following tasks:

  • Development, integration and validation of electronic control units including actuator and sensor systems
  • Software and model-based software development with a focus on HMI, diagnostics and networking
  • Functional validation of electronic control units in the context of the overall vehicle
  • Development, application and validation of electrical machines
  • Development of wiring systems including in-house wire harness production
  • Development, automation and operation of HILs and test stations

Our Electrics & Electronics competence enables us to cover virtually the whole spectrum and assist our customers particularly as functional specialists in the development of display systems (HUDs, instrument clusters and displays) and in the fields of e-mobility (high-voltage and low-voltage electrical machines) and chassis systems.

By pooling the expertise within our development facilities, we are able to validate and integrate E&E components in the full-vehicle context (test benches, HILs, shakers, environmental test chambers, etc.).

Testing & validation

  • Software architecture, specification
  • Software and model-based software development
  • Simulation & modelling
  • Software integration and testing

Hardware development

  • Hardware architecture, specification
  • Digital, analogue and power electronics
  • Circuit diagrams, layouts and electronic component manufacturing
  • Hardware integration, testing and validation

    Software development

    • Test specification & test management
    • Automatic and manual tests
    • HIL development and operation
    • Integration and function tests at test station and in vehicle

    System integration

    • Requirements and project management
    • Application, diagnostics
    • Integration of on-board power supply
    • Wire harness development and production
    • Development support for all E&E components