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Our publications in recent years at a glance! 

In our press area we offer you direct access to selected publications of the ARRK Group. Learn more about our expertise as well as our projects in product development. 

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Neural Networks - Vehicle Electronics

Artificial intelligence and convolutional neural network (CNN) technology has made the automatic detection of a range of objects possible

| 2020 |Press

Vision-Based systems validates driver monitoring - Photonic & Imaging Technology

Vision-based convolutional neural network system detects phone usage, eating, and drinking.

| 2020 |Press

Deep learning in driver assistance systems - New Electronics

Accidents can be caused by driver distraction, so a vision-based CNN has been designed that can automatically detect mobile phone usage, eating and drinking

| 2019 |Press

modular control device platform - Electronics

ARRK Engineering delivers modular control device platform for concept and small batch development, that offers both time and money savings

| 2019 |Press

Straight off the mark - OEM & Supplier

Thanks to Build Rapid Systems, it is now possible to create measuring and control systems for a wide variety of applications much faster and more affordably than ever before

| 2019 |Press

A strategic automotive develeopment partner - US Tech

Straight off the Mark: Modular control device platform for concept and small batch development saves time and money

| 2019 |Press

Providing performance in EV powertrains - CW CompositesWorld

simulation-driven development replaces aluminium with thermoplastic composites in gearbox housing

| 2019 |Press

Design for Light - Eureka!

A composite gearbox housing has been made with layer-optimised organic sheeting. By optimising the design, the resulting component is set to soon replace aluminium.

| 2017 Archive |Press


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