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When ARRK Europe’s board of directors and senior management convene to discuss matters, remotely of course, offers of support from our colleagues, across all our sites, are frequently raised. 

We are so proud of our people for pulling together during these exceptional times, overcoming unusual working conditions to keep the business and our various departments operating.

From our HR colleagues who have been working tirelessly to keep all staff up to date and informed, to our colleagues in IT who have worked miracles to enable us to work remotely. To our people in production who have stepped up to manufacture essential parts that are being used in the fight against Covid-19, to our staff in Finance who ensure the bills are being paid. We are truly grateful.

The Board made the decision to temporarily close all UK sites in accordance with government guidelines and to safeguard the health & wellbeing of our employees. For the time being this remains the case, except for essential work where a skeleton crew has gone in to supply parts in support of work which is needed to help the battle to overcome the virus. Both the board and our staff are proud and honoured to assist.

We hope to reopen our UK sites soon, but this will be in accordance with government guidelines and where the Board are satisfied all safeguarding measures are in place to protect our people. ARRK projects and administration operations remain available for enquiries and are able to call upon our sister sites across the globe where suitable.

The one thing this pandemic has shown us, is that you can have all the technology and latest innovations in the world but if you don’t have the people, with the energy, drive and determination to make it happen then you really don’t have much at all.  Thank you team!