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Providing customers with confidence and the support they need in an uncertain manufacturing market.

With industry tentatively resuming operations, a nervousness exists as to what they will find. Will demand return, will key supply chain partners still be there, will materials or key components be readily available, or will there be a shortages, delaying production lines etc? These are some of the questions facing engineers, designers, supply chain buyers, and production lines. And of course, let’s not forget good old Brexit and the uncertainty that this still brings!

ARRK Europe Ltd, Managing Director, Craig Vickers, feels that although much uncertainty exists in the marketplace, ARRK, with its global operations and range of capabilities, is in an ideal position to provide customers with some much-needed positivity and certainty! 

With access to a global range of manufacturing services covering, Engineering, 3D Printing, Prototyping, Composites, Tooling and Injection Moulding, Craig is confident that ARRK can find a solution to help customers through this difficult period and then, when things really pick up, we can adapt our services to support further growth. He adds: “For example, let’s say your production volume requirements are relatively low at the moment - for the time being, our vac casting polyurethane service could tide you over until demand justifies a rapid or production tool, which would be better suited to larger volumes. Tell us your what your issues and requirements are and we can advise the best solutions for now and the future. With so many processes, technologies, locations and experts on hand to help, we can consider a variety of options to help customers”.

He goes on to explain: “Some businesses may find that their production tools need some attention after being inactive or, as it’s still relatively quiet, now may be a good time to make some modifications to existing tools. If this is the case, then we can help here as well. Our Tooling team in the UK provide a first-class maintenance, refurb. and modification service. With a 40T crane at its disposal we can handle most tools, and the team have masses of experience ready to support you. Alternatively, moving things right back to the beginning of the product development process, if you currently work from home then why not take advantage of our 3D Printing ordering website, arrkonline.com -- it’s a perfect solution. You can upload your CAD, choose from a range of materials, get a quote and order straight away. With an ARRK Group portfolio of manufacturing services at your disposal, employing over 2000 people worldwide, with facilities in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, China, India, Taiwan and Japan, to name but a few, you’ll have a significant partner by your side!”

Craig concludes: “So, whatever your circumstances, budget or resources, or if you’ve unexpectedly lost a key supply chain partner during the crisis, we’re confident we’ll have a solution to keep your product development and manufacturing programme moving.”