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ARRK’s online 3D Printing service extends to Scandinavia & Ireland.

ARRK launched ARRK Online to UK based customers back in September 2018 and has a growing body of clients who enjoy its instant quote and order capabilities for mainstream Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) parts. Now, www.arrkonline.com, provided by software partners AMFG, has not only undergone a user interface upgrade, but is also able to accept orders from customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Ireland. Coupled with the system’s ability to accept payment in Euros as well as Sterling, this allows ARRK to welcome many more clients who want to take advantage of instant pricing and ordering.

ARRK has traditionally served customers in Scandinavia for over 20 years, through its Sales and Projects teams. Dedicated customer support remains a key part of ARRK’s offering, especially where a multitude of prototyping services are required or where complex geometries are involved. Alongside this, ARRK Online aims to provide an even faster service and an alternative way for customers to work with us, obtaining instant quotes and placing orders by day and night!

Further information about ARRK Online and the range of SLA or SLS materials it offers can be found by visiting: www.arrkonline.com or by contacting our support team at projects@arrkeurope.com.