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ARRK Europe adds DuraForm Flex Black to its range of SLS materials

This addition brings ARRK Europe’s number of available SLS materials to five. They include DuraForm PA, GFN, HST, as well as EX.

Craig Vickers’ comments: “We are pleased to be able to offer our clients this new material. It’s something that customers have frequently been asking us for. By using traditional DuraForm Flex powder and then applying our own in-house post impregnation technique, we are now able to offer clients improved flexibility whilst ensuring its integral strength. It’s something we’ve developed over time here at ARRK and are very proud about.” ARRK’s new process offer clients SLS components with a shore hardness of between 50 – 60 and is ideal for clients looking to produce parts like hoses, bellows, or with flexible rubber connections.

For further information on our range of SLS materials, please click here. Alternatively please email projectsarrkeuropecom