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ARRK Engineering opens new location at Business Campus München: Unterschleißheim

In addition to the expansion of our premises in Preußenstraße (near our Munich headquarters) related to all innovative projects in the field of display systems, we have recently extended our capacities on the subject of autonomous driving with a new location at „Business Campus Munich: Unterschleißheim“, just outside Munich. 

ARRK Engineering will support BMW form now on directly on site as the first development service provider with the development and validation of control devices for driver assistance and radar sensor technology. Currently about 25 of our employees are already working onsite within the interim office area. We will  move to our final office environment in November 2018 – an extension of these premises is also in plannung. We expect enormous growth potential in the field of autonomous driving this is why our team in Unterschleißheim is to grow up to 70-90 employees in the medium term.

Even though the move to our final office landscape is only to be expected for this autumn, we have still organized a little opening celebration due to the successful establishment of our interim space. On February 8, around 50 ARRK Engineering employees as well as BMW contact persons gathered for an after work party to clink glasses on the future cooperation on site at the Campus.