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ARRK Europe launches new Online Quotation and Ordering Service for 3D Printed SLA and SLS parts.

The new service is designed to meet the growing need for faster quotations for SLA or SLS enquiries. Rupert Sleightholme, Projects Manager at ARRK Europe, commented: “With enquiries for 3D Printing increasing significantly, launching “ARRK Online” will allow us to respond more quickly to our customers, regardless of what time of day or night! ARRK were one of the early pioneers of 3D Printing services and we recognised that we needed to provide this additional method for clients to get a quote and place an order outside of traditional office hours. Our new online system offers a quick and easy service in this growing market, whilst our team of Project co-ordinators in Gloucester and Teesside can deliver a more tailored service for clients who require complex geometries or where several processes or services are required. 

Rupert explains: “We’ve spent considerable time developing this new automated service so that it is user friendly and as simple to navigate as possible. Clients have expressed an interest in purchasing in this way for some time, and we feel we have found a good balance between our online service and the personal service offered through our projects team for more involved jobs. Initial roll out of the system will be to UK based customers but we plan to extend it to European based customers in the not too distant future”, he concluded.

Clients can find out more about our online quotation service through our new microsite www.arrkonline.com or by contacting our projects team on 01452 727788 or emailing projectsarrkeuropecom.