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As development partners, our daily task is to help our clients realize their product visions in the highest quality and in record time. And since we are keen developers, we also go one step further and use our expertise to create our own products.

The ideas for these products often arise by chance as a result of our daily work together with our clients. Practical benefit is therefore paramount from the start, and we use most of our products ourselves every day.

We will gladly make you an individual offer, help you select and configure the products you need, and customize individual products if required.

It goes without saying that we will also answer your questions at any time – just contact us!

We are glad to help!

If you need an individual offer, have questions about the product, or require support, please contact us at:


APIX3 Converter

Flexible video converter for HDMI to APIX3

The ARRK APIX3 Converter enables you to see video signals from any HDMI source on APIX3-compatible display devices. Simulate a complex control unit and control data using flexible firmware and appropriate driver functions. This will make operating APIX3 displays and using them in test environments simplicity itself.



Modular, scalable control unit platform for concept and small-series development

Thanks to our BuildRS platform (short for “Build Rapid Systems”), you can create measuring and control systems for a wide variety of applications much faster and more affordably than ever before: Just select the hardware and software components with the functions you require, combine them any way you like, and benefit from a comprehensive, quality-controlled software and communication platform.