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Automated Driving und Cyber Security for Vehicles

Folgende Top-Themen werden auf den Konferenzen aufgegriffen:

Automated Driving:

• OEM perspectives on automated and autonomous driving
• Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars: Hype vs. reality - What is really possible?
• Simulation, valdiation and verification of AV's / AV functions and neural networks
• Sensors, sensor systems and sensor fusion (incl. perception)
• Navigation and mapping technologies
• Behavior planning, path planning and prediction
• Information technology and IT architecture
• HMI in automated driving
• International perspectives on: Legal aspects, ethics, liability and insurance
• New mobility concepts and business models | Sharing of autonomous vehicles and the future of urban mobility
• Smart last mile delivery concepts

IT Security for Vehicles:
• The Security Perspective on major automotive Trends
• Security Weaknesses in connected and automated Cars
• Software- and Hardware Attacks and Responses to Threats
• Latest Developments in Privacy and Data Protection
• The Regulation Landscape
• Vehicle CAN Bus Security
• Blockchain and Blockchain-related Technologies

Wir freuen uns sehr auf Ihren Besuch am Messestand von ARRK Engineering!