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The Ultimate Gaming Audio Experience

ARRK’s Prototyping experts help gaming business to develop new Tritton headset to deliver the Ultimate Gaming Audio experience


Mad Catz




Provide Prototype Components for design and development assessment.

Accomplishments & Results:

The gaming industry, as we all know, operates within a fast moving environment with both manufacturers and gamers looking for the latest experience. Mad Catz, a leading audio gaming headset company, therefore turned to ARRK’s Prototyping team to help them with the development of their new Tritton headset, the ARK 100.

Having worked with ARRK before, Mad Catz’s designers knew they could rely on ARRK to respond quickly to their needs and produce a prototype headset that would allow them to carry out a series of form, fit and function tests. 

Mad Catz was looking to achieve a number of features from their new headset which included a unique monocurve design that would offer the perfect fit, whilst also ensuring the best audio response from their speakers and enhanced comfort over long gaming sessions. The one-piece headband also makes the product more robust in the field.

With these aspects in mind ARRK provided technical support and advice to the Mad Catz team on the most appropriate prototype materials that would help them to carry out their tests. It was agreed that using a combination of materials, predominately from ARRK’s Selective Laser Sintering range, would allow them to undertake their field trials.

Seven components were to be produced in total. Five in SLS and two smaller pieces using stereolithography resin. ARRK’s SLS EX material was chosen as the most suitable material in which to build the headband, offering a combination of strength and great flexibility. SLS HST material was then selected for the slider and adjustable dial which sits on the top of the EX built frame, while glass filled nylon formed the cushion carrier. The materials selected to produce the headset, offered great individual characteristics meeting Mad Catz performance needs, whilst also being as close as possible to their intended production plastics.

Following an exchange of final design and CAD data checks the parts were manufactured using some of ARRK’s HD Pro 60 SLS machines, which offer enhanced part definition and sintering speed. Once all the components were built, they were promptly despatched to the client for inspection, assembly and subsequent product trials.

We are pleased to report that Mad Catz were delighted with the support and parts they received from ARRK and have since released their new Tritton ARK 100 gaming headset on to the market for all gamers to enjoy.