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Architectural Models

Rapid Prototyping Architectural Biomes take pride of place at V&A museum


Grimshaw Architects 




Produce scaled down model to for a show.

Accomplishments & Results: 

  • ARRK has been working closely with the architectural community for a number of years now to provide concept models in exceptionally short timescales. It was as a result of our experience in this field, and the depth of our in-house model making services, that ARRK was approached by one of the UK’s leading architectural practices, Grimshaw, for help.
  • The practice were set to exhibit one of their designs at the V&A’s “Unseen Hands: 100 Years of Structural Engineering” exhibition in London, and needed ARRK to produce a model of their design of the Eden Project’s biomes.
  • Grimshaw is a global architectural practice and their design, and subsequent CAD data for the model, was coming from one of their architects based in New York. Despite the client being based so far away ARRK was quickly able to receive their CAD files via our ftp site, which offers a secure method of transferring large data files. The models were going to be produced using both Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering.
  • The main biomes were to be built out of SLS’s Glass Filled Nylon material, while the over hanging canopies utilised ARRK’s new SLA ABS clear material. Very quickly the client received their two models, in time for the exhibition at the V&A.
  • Craig Vickers from ARRK commented: “this is a beautiful example whereby the marriage of these two specialist rapid prototyping technologies and the chosen materials allowed the client to show off their design in the best light - and all in a short time scale. ARRK houses a wide range of different prototyping materials and our new resin is almost like glass it’s so clear. Clients are delighted with it.”