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Low Volume Composite Production

British supercar manufacturer turns to ARRK to provide prototype and low volume composite production solution.



Noble Automotive


Low Volume Production


Assist in the development of low volume production composite components

Accomplishments & Results:

  • Precision engineering, immaculate handling, real performance, lightning response….and they’re just some of the features associated with ARRK’s service, let alone the Noble M600!
  • As a major supplier to Noble, ARRK provides a number of product development services, including prototypes and composites, and continues to provide low volume manufacturing of production components.
  • ARRK’s composite engineers in Nuneaton have been working closely with the design team at Noble to understand their needs, so they can support them with the most effective solution using some of the latest processes and specialist materials available.
  • Using carbon fibre materials to reduce the vehicle’s weight, and so improve its responsiveness and exceptional performance, ARRK supplies the main carbon fibre centre section, rear body, front nose and inner and outer door panels.
  • ARRK’s expertise and knowledge of materials, coupled with its ability to provide a low volume production solution to schedule, is perfectly geared to support clients like Noble in niche, specialised markets.
  • The original model was fully painted but through a process of innovation, development and market trends, the team started to produce vehicles with a coloured carbon weave roof, which is then lacquered and polished, giving it that unique, individual look.
  • Such is the impact and popularity of the lacquered carbon weave effect, some of Noble’s clients are choosing to have the complete vehicle manufactured in this way.
  • The skill and craftsmanship of the Nuneaton team is so impressive that the vehicle is made to look as if it has been produced from a single roll of fabric. The precision join and balance of the weave are lined up so perfectly it epitomises the detail and devotion that has gone into producing this beautiful supercar.
  • From the moment the team cut the specialist carbon fibre material, through to carbon lay up, the parts are constantly checked and validated to ensure the highest quality is delivered.
  • Once produced, the parts are trimmed, drilled and inspected again to ensure they match agreed specifications. The components are then assembled to ensure material alignment before sign off.
  • From here the sections are delivered directly into Noble for full assembly.