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Form Finding Method for Airbag Coverage in Side Crash


  • First for internal use
  • Next step: Adaption to more solvers on the market Pamcrash, Abaqus


Engineering Division


  • Designing of airbag shape for optimum airbag coverage in side crash often depends on engineer‘s experience and intuition
  • When the appropriate airbag pressure is determined from series of side restraint optimizations, airbag shape will also lead to different system response
  • A more engineering approach of designing the airbag shape is therefore important and will be the main motivation of this study
  • This study will propose a scientific approach of designing an airbag shape for side crash

Accomplishments & Results:

  • This approach allows the engineer to significantly speed up the development process. The highly time consuming design of airbags regarding an ideal geometric design of a side airbag, is replaced by an automated stochastic optimization process.
  • In side crash layout, the development partners often stick to “well known” airbag concepts, in order to avoid an expensive development activities. This concept reveals potentials beyond that.