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Flymo® Multimo 360XC Lawnmower






Produce prototype model of new lawnmower

Accomplishments & Results:

  • Leading outdoor power products manufacturer Husqvarna called upon ARRK to assist in the development of their new rear collection lawnmower, the Multimo 360XC.
  • Husqvarna were in the process of designing a new lawnmower for their Flymo® range and needed a prototype model.
  • Based on the client’s brief as to how they intended to use the model, ARRK proposed an ABS fabricated CNC model and within 14 days supplied a model comprising 25 CNC components in ABS and clear acrylic.
  • Following delivery the prototype model was used to prove the design and fit of the components. An additional benefit was that Husqvarna were able to conduct actual field trials to cut grass and confirm the performance of the lawnmower. The use of ABS, with its high impact properties, allowed the lawnmower to endure the physical demands of the trials. This was vital to the success of the project and allowed the design team to optimise the cut and collection of the Multimo.
  • After successful trials ARRK was then commissioned to produce vacuum castings of all the components, resulting in 15 fully assembled lawnmowers being supplied. As all the models were going to be used for photo shoots and marketing meetings, ARRK used its PremCast* service to produce exhibition standard, reproduction castings. This ensured the model communicated the important product features to major retailers. These features included the clear vision window, cable winder, central height of cut adjustment, 36cm bladed product, 40ltr grass box, etc.
  • The vacuum castings were produced using colour matched polyurethane resins that were as close to final production material as possible. The components were fully finished, textured, assembled and then delivered to the client within four weeks.
  • Husqvarna was delighted with the quality of all the models they received and have since reported a very successful product launch which reinforced the Flymo® brand in the market place.

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