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ARRK helps with prestigious exhibit at V&A

When London based structural and civil engineering design practice Expedition contacted ARRK for help in building a scale model of the roof they designed for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC) in Athens, ARRK were happy to advise. 

Expedition were familiar with 3D printing and asked ARRK for assistance in building a scale model of their innovative design that was going to go on display at the V&A in London, UK. Initial sketches of their design were provided by the client for ARRK to review and advise on the best method of production to match their needs. Given the intricacy of some of their design features, the size of the model and the way it was going to be displayed, ARRK worked closely with the client to find an appropriate method of production. It was agreed in order to capture the essential elements of their design, whilst still using a rapid prototyping process, ARRK would provide a model using Selective Laser Sintering given our experience of this technology, the material and its ability to build fine detailed internal structures. 

As that the model was going to be 1m squared in size, it very much dictated that the model was to be built in sections. This had the added advantage though of allowing ARRK to check and validate part accuracy at numerous intervals during the building and assembly process. 

Once all the CAD data was checked ARRK provided some initial sections of the roof for the client to assess. Each part was built using glass filled nylon material, which is a proven, versatile, plastic powder that can be sintered to high degrees of accuracy. Using the SLS process, combined with ARRK’s 15 plus years experience in SLS and ability to build routinely as low as 0.5mm, allowed ARRK to reproduce the thin wall sections within the roof, which is not always possible with other prototyping technologies. 

This along with the skills of our joiners and finishing team allowed ARRK to assemble and supply the completed model as a single piece to the client in a short period of time and most importantly to their complete satisfaction. 

Expedition’s model is currently on display at the V&A Museum until late autumn 2016.