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Our strategy is to be the ‘best in class’ partner in product development and low volume manufacturing, with increased agility, innovation and adaptability in the face of new challenges and technologies.

Our aim is to be the ‘employer of choice’ through employee engagement and empowerment, displaying openness, honesty and fairness. We are committed to our employees and their development as we believe that our valued employees are the key to achieving a successful and sustainable business

We seek to be the 1st choice ‘reliable solution provider’ meeting our customers needs, and exceeding their expectations with our unique range of products and services.

We will achieve agreed targets for quality, cost and on time delivery, adding further value where required by providing an integrated service from concept to manufacture.

Profitable growth will be achieved in order to provide a platform that will enable us to accomplish technical excellence and innovation through investment and sustainability.

Central Perfomance Commitment

WE provide our customers with the CERTAINTY and the GOOD FEELING that their development projects are ALWAYS in the BEST HANDS with us.

The 5 key elements in the performance commitment of ARRK are:

  • WE = all employees of ARRK.
  • CERTAINTY = through distinct competence and experience for many years.
  • GOOD FEELING = personal contact ("we like working together").
  • ALWAYS = with every project, with every problem solution, with every task.
  • IN THE BEST HANDS = understand customer needs 100 % and implement them.