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ARRK's origins date back to 1948 in Osaka, Japan. Over time the business has grown through a process of acquisitions and mergers resulting in an organisation that today has 20 companies strategically located around the world employing over 3800 people.

In January 2018 ARRK joined the Mitsui Chemicals Group, gaining a new major shareholder. Since then the two companies have been working on a range of measures to build the foundation for collaboration to further expand the customer base and create new peripheral businesses, including the proposal of solutions making excellent use of their comprehensive strengths by leveraging their channels and technologies while integrating the strengths of each company, such as Mitsui Chemicals’s knowledge of materials and ARRK’s expertise in automotive development support.

On 1 August 2020 Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK Corporation have conducted a share exchange, with Mitsui Chemicals finally becoming the wholly owning parent company and ARRK the wholly owned subsidiary. In the course of this, ARRK has been delisted on Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 30.

Key Info ARRK globally

  • Turnover: €390m
  • No. of employees: Over 3800
  • No. of ARRK companies in Group: 20


About ARRK in Europe

The ARRK Group in Europe encompasses the development and manufacturing specialists ARRK Engineering GmbH, Shapers, LCO Protomoule, SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping BV and the British ARRK Europe Limited. Our common goal is to bring together under the ARRK brand all the available know-how relating to the conceptual design and manufacture of a new product. In future, thanks to our four divisions of Engineering, Prototyping, Tooling and Low-Volume Production, we will be able to offer you a one-stop service covering every step necessary to see your idea through to series production. That way you avoid breaks in communication, time-consuming coordination and costly misunderstandings. What's more, thanks to our internal networking across all disciplines we can operate more efficiently than ever before, tackling potential conflict points before they escalate into real problems.

Key Info ARRK in Europe

  • Turnover: €225m
  • No. of employees: Over 2000
  • No. of ARRK companies in Europe: 5

In addition, we are affiliated to the global ARRK Group which – with 20 companies and a workforce of over 3800 – boasts more than 70 years' experience in developing solutions for customers in every industrial sector from packaging to automotive engineering. As a member of this global competence network, we are able to access resources on every continent in order to turn your projects into reality, regardless of location.        

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ARRK Companies in Europe

ARRK Engineering GmbH

Specialism: Engineering
Competences: Interior & Exterior, Electronics & Software, Car Body & High Voltage Battery, Optical Systems, Composite, Acoustics, Material, Chassis, CAE, Passive Safety, Thermal Management, Powertrain

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Specialism: Tooling (Composites & Plastics) & Associated Tooling Services, Injection Moulding & Low Volume Production 

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ARRK Europe Ltd. - UK & Spain

Specialism: Engineering, Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Tooling (Composites & Plastics), Associated Tooling Services, Injection Moulding & Low Volume Production

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SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping BV

Specialism: Prototyping Tooling (Pre-Series) & Low Volume Injection Moulding, including MuCell.

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ARRK|LCO Protomoule

Specialism: Prototyping & Rapid Tooling

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