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Tips for Applicants

If passion and commitment are your drive you should inject motion into your life right now. Send us your application. Whether as an unsolicited application or with reference to our current job openings, we welcome your comprehensive application documents.

For a successful application, we need the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Certificates and work references

Tips for the cover letter:

  • Make sure your cover letter is personalized and company-specific.
  • Summarize your career to date briefly and refer to your resumé.
  • Emphasize your strong points in relation to the relevant requirements for the position.
  • Do not forget your complete contact details.
  • Particularly with unsolicited applications the location preference must be included.
  • Complete the cover letter with your salary expectations and your potential start date.

Tips for the resumé/CV:

  • The CV does not have to fit on one page. A detailed job description should take priority.
  • Ensure your resume is transparent and organized chronologically.
  • Ideally you sort your work activities according to training, work experience and your skill matrix.
  • Estimate your tool knowledge realistically.
  • Do not forget a photo that is appropriate for your application.

Tips for the interview: 

  • Inform yourself in advance about our company and know the different parts of your own resumé by heart.
  • Generally you should always pay attention to a good appearance. If you do not know the dress code, the following applies: suit and tie.
  • Write down your most important questions, so that you do not forget these in the conversation.
  • Furthermore, you will then be able to write down important information immediately.
  • Definitely arrive on time at the agreed date. Inform yourself beforehand concerning the current parking situation as necessary, so that there are no surprises. You should always have the phone number of the company with you, so that you can inform your contact person in time in case of any unforeseeable delays.

Tips for the certificates:

  • Certificates give proof of your work experience and your continued training.
  • Send in all existing work certificates and proof of qualifications.
  • In the case of career starters, information on current grades is helpful.