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Advancement Opportunities

We offer the perfect conditions for you to continually make progress on your professional path. You set the pace, we support you in your further advancement- in your technical as well as your social and methodological competence. The better your skills, the better the quality of our work.

In our own in-house ARRK Academy, you are being further educated on a continuing basis by highly qualified coaches in comprehensive training courses. At our ARRK Academy you are constantly learning and being educated by our highly qualified coaches through our range of comprehensive course. In addition to a variety of different CAE and CAD training courses, we also offer soft-skills seminars, because we know that more than your expertise alone is required for a successful career path. During your annual employee review, you and your mentor together compile a development plan that works for you and one that allows you to flourish with us. We offer a perfect environment in which to develop a promising career.

Your career options:

Technical career

On your way to being a technical expert you assume responsibility for a clearly defined specialist topic. As a specialist you support your colleagues with your high level of expertise and advise our customers in a constructive and solution-oriented way.

Management career

If your goal is the assumption of responsibility for personnel, we support your advancement towards becoming a manager. In this function you take on disciplinary responsibility for your employees, and together you will contribute to the healthy growth of our company.

The developing of strengths, the reduction of weaknesses – that is precisely what we want.

We want you to continue to advance, because the better your skill, the better the quality of our work.

Therefore we further educate you constantly in our ARRK Academy. Through  extensive training conducted by highly qualified instructors we make sure that you continue to advance in your soft skills in addition to a variety of different CAE and CAD programs. We know: your expertise is not the only guarantee of success - your social and methodological skills are important as well in order for us to move forward together.